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Pre-K 3 Program

Our three-year-old program encompasses a domain of positive learning environments enhanced with guidance from experienced teachers who promote enthusiastic and engaging approaches to learning. Our Early-Childhood educational curriculum encompasses the foundational skill areas of social, cognitive, emotional, fine/gross motor and self-help while inclusively and uniquely introducing basic Catholic Christian spiritual awareness.  This program, primarily through age-appropriate structured/nonstructured and hands-on activities while nurturing a child’s intrinsic motivation, will instill an enthusiastic readiness for the future educational years ahead.  All, while integrating an awareness of being a child of God, made in His Image in order to KNOW, LOVE and SERVE Him.


Pre-K 4 Program

Our four-year- old program integrates social, personal, and emotional development as well as oral language development.  We also aim to develop early literacy skills along with math, science, social studies, art and religion.  The Little Saints reading program builds a strong phonemic awareness as well as introduces students to the relationship between letters and sounds. 
Our curriculum will adapt to meet the unique developmental needs of each child. In a world that is becoming increasingly competitive and materialistic, our program will provide a place for every child to be a child, a child that is free to learn, play, explore, in a loving and nurturing environment, knowing that they are loved by God.