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St. Frances Cabrini Tuition Assistance

St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School offers need-based financial aid for Catholic and non-Catholic families of students in grades K-8.  The amount of aid available to eligible families is determined by an evaluation of need by: the Facts Tuition Management Company, St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School's principal, and the available budgeted funds. Funds are applied directly to the respective student’s tuition account. Awards typically range from $250 to $1,000 per year. Funding does not automatically carry forward each year — an application must be submitted for each subsequent year of enrollment.

UIM Catholic School Scholarship

Catholic families of students in grades K-8 may apply for the UIM Catholic School Scholarship. The amount of aid granted is determined by the Diocese of Las Cruces, not the school administration. The scholarships will be paid directly to St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School in semi-annual installments. Each disbursement of scholarship funds will be made after the beginning of each semester, once the student's enrollment and registration status has been verified. 


Anyone interested in applying for financial aid should complete the online application available at


Please note that there is a $30.00 processing fee to apply for financial aid.
The fee goes directly to FACTS to cover the cost of the tuition assistance application software.
St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School and the Diocese of Las Cruces does not benefit from the application fee.