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Students are offered the opportunity to join the following clubs and organizations as their interest and time permits.  New clubs are created as interest and resources allow.


St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School encourages our students to participate in interscholastic activities as they play a significant role in personal and educational development and is used as a means of developing wholesome attitudes.
St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School partners up with the Southwest Christian Athletic Association (SWCAA) to offer interscholastic activities, such as volleyball, basketball and track.
If your child is interested in sports, please contact the school office.


  • Spelling Bee
  • Science Fair
  • Writing Fair



Altar Servers
Altar Servers offer service to God and the community by assisting the priest during mass. The ministry is open to all students who have made their First Communion and whose parents believe they are ready and responsible enough to be trained. Training in the specifics of the ministry is provided throughout the year. Servers are assigned to serve the weekly Masses on a rotating schedule. On occasion, servers may asked to assist the local parishes with Funeral Masses.
Mass Choir
Music is a powerful tool for prayer and a way that our students can actively participate in the mass while developing a lifelong love of the liturgy. Students at STFCCS enhance the worship experience of our weekly school Masses by participating in our choir.  Monthly you can find them sharing their gifts at one of our local Catholic churches.  Periodically they perform in the local community such as Amber Skies Community and the Aristocrat Assisted Living Center.

National History Day

Students begin their journey by developing evidence-based history projects, and presenting their projects at the school, district & regional level to qualify for state and national competitions.