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The Home and School Association (HSA) is the parent-teacher organization of St. Frances Cabrini Catholic School.  The association is governed by By-Laws approved by the Board of Trustees (8/20/2019). Enrollment in the School automatically gives parents membership in the HSA Parent-Teacher Organization.  The HSA is committed to the welfare of the school and plays a significant role in keeping the school financially solvent.  One of the main activities of the HSA Parent-Teacher Organization is to coordinate and track families involvement and participation by the number of In-Service hours each family takes part in. 

The monthly meetings serve as a forum for parents, teachers, the administrator, and the school board of trustees.  The meetings are open to discussion and voice concerns.

Funds raised by the HSA Parent-Teacher Organization become part of the operating budget of the school and are administered by the school principal under the direction of the St. Frances Cabrini Board of Trustees.

The president of the HSA Parent-Teacher Organization or the designated parent is invited to attend school board meetings, as a non-voting member, representing the interests of parents and students and keeping the school board of trustees informed of issues of concern to this organization.